Why You Should Choose DBE Homes

For almost ten years, DBE has been creating custom homes throughout Findlay and Northwest Ohio, designing dream homes for families and then bringing them to life. Our team of designers and contractors are hand selected for their experience, craftsmanship, and outstanding customer service. We want to build a lifelong relationship with our customers, one that doesn’t end when construction does. And we will go above and beyond to help make your dream home a reality for you and your family. But don’t take our word on it.

Read below to hear what some of our customers are saying about working with DBE Homes to build their forever home.

Ruth & Gary Dickson

"We are first time home builders and when we started we had not decided if we were going to buy or build a home. Our first meeting with DBE was with Jason and Nicole at one of their spec homes that we liked. That was the beginning of our building experience.

After speaking with Jason and Nicole we felt DBE was a good fit for us. Nicole very quickly knew the style of what we liked. We never felt limited in any selections or decisions. DBE didn't stop looking for options until we were satisfied! Overall the process was much easier than what we expected and what we had heard from others that did not use DBE as their builder.

We found it very helpful when we visited suppliers with Nicole for things such as flooring, stone, shower tiles, etc. In addition we went to homes currently under construction by DBE to see actual examples of options to see if we liked them - they always went above and beyond to ensure we were satisfied with our selections. We never felt pressured to exceed our budget.

Our favorite experience with building our home was the selection of our cabinets. We had a unique idea of what we wanted and Nicole hit a home run.

Jason was extremely helpful answering any questions we had and made things like setting up the utilities extremely easy. Ryan and his team did an amazing job finishing the inside of our home - we wanted a different look and they delivered.

If you are thinking about building your future home, we highly recommend DBE as your builder- you won't be disappointed!"

Mike and Barb Logsdon

"The building experience with DBE Homes came down to good communication in general. Pre-construction meetings were well organized, informal, but to task. We had to re-design foundation/basement due to some ground issues and we had direct/open conversations with DBE and Contractors more than once, during construction, to resolve or just make “on the fly” changes and each time, re-quote and agree on them.

Working with DBE we were able to see the ideas in our head come to life on paper during the design process. Picking out the fixtures, trim, colors, styles, windows, granite, etc. were some of our favorite parts about the building process. Also visiting the site each day to see progress.

This was our second new home construction, first time with DBE, so we’ve learned that you MUST be involved, ask questions and be firm about any concerns you may have. DBE was very attentive to our questions and concerns.

To date, DBE is meeting our expectations and they have honored our 2-year warranty several times. Some small, some not so small, but each time they resolved, repaired the problem.

We would recommend DBE to other people interested in building a home. They encourage you to ask questions and check their work.
We believe you get what you pay for with DBE. They provided a quality build and on time. They’ve stood behind their 2-year warranty without fail."

Todd & Jenny Seifried

"Like many home builders, our story started out with interviewing several builders – all of whom could have built us a beautiful home. DBE really stood out above all the others. From the quality and uniqueness of their past built homes to the hospitable personalities both Jason and Nicole possess. We have a very unique lot and needed the right design to make it our dream home. Nicole was able to do that for us. Unlike the other builders, what DBE has in the teaming of Nicole (a designer) and Jason (a builder) brings two expertise together in one company! This really helped to streamline the process of designing a home that fit our desires but keeping it within a budget we put forth. Nicole married together a history of homes we liked from the outside and in from pictures and descriptions we gave her to create the masterpiece we now call home. She also brought to the design distinctive detailing she had come across and thought we might like (Groin ceiling in the dining room, an inside window detail in the front foyer, etc). Nicole and Jason spent hours and hours with us over a period of months going to different building suppliers to bring our vision together. From Columbus for granite and light fixtures, to Ann Arbor for unique plumbing fixtures! This was all done prior to the start of the build which made the actual building process less stressful knowing we didn’t have the keep meeting deadlines with choices (cabinets, hardware, etc.) as it was already done.

Once the building of our home began, we got to meet the other employees of DBE. We found them to be honest and trustworthy with an unbelievable attention to detail and personal service. Whenever we did come upon a bump during the building process, we felt that DBE addressed the issue head on and would even take it a step further to make sure we were happy with the result. During the building phase – we came up with a change or two and we never felt like our request was anything that DBE wasn’t up to fulfilling. Jason and his crew maintained a positive and easy to talk with attitude before, during and after the build. It is really a feeling of disbelief that what started off as a bunch of thoughts and wishes was drawn up and then built to order! We couldn’t find a more wonderful group of professionals to build our home. We love it!"

Andrew & Melissa Bucher

"We love our kitchen!!! The countertops are beautiful and everything goes so well together. The functionality of the space was important to us and it has been great. We also love our master bathroom. The tile goes so well with the beautiful marble countertops.

We decided to build our home with DBE because they all seemed to listen when it came to what was important to us in our new home. They took our initial design and made it better. DBE was always very responsive, accommodating, and available for questions.

It was fun to see the progress each week. It was also nice to be able to access specs and financials throughout the whole process as well as have a tool to communicate with the entire team regarding changes, questions, and any concerns that arose. Overall, it was a very positive experience! In terms of exceeding expectations, the responsiveness of the entire team was fantastic. The quick responses and flexibility of being able to make changes and have more custom options was wonderful.
We would absolutely recommend DBE to friends!"